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RG Acne Care Lotion - Saravio Cosmetics Ltd. Japan

RG Acne Care Lotion

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Product Type: Acne Care Lotion

Product Details

RG Acne Care lotion allows for the preparation of optimum conditions of your skin and takes care of excess sebum, leading to smooth skin without acne or pimples. It is usable even by sensitive skin types, without any stickiness.


Prevent and relive your acne problems while firmly delivering moisture to your skin.


Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Oubaku extract, Dokudami extract, seaweed extract (1), Otokirisou extract, chamomilla extract (1), scallops extract, Toukinsenka extract, Yagurumagiku extract, Roman chamomile extract, succinyl chitosan solution, water-soluble collagen solution (3), purified water

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