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Product Lines

The Beaute Series

The Beaute Series

Developed through skin cell regeneration research to promote growth of healthy skin.

Makeup Remover (gel Type)

An Oil free makeup Remover. Extremely lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on the skin.

Anti-aging Serum

A great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles and is developed for people with oily skin or those who prefer a weightless feel.


The M1 Series

The M1 series

Developed through hair cell regeneration research to promote growth of healthy hair and to decrease loss of hair.

M1 Hair Care Lotion

M1 Hair Tonic Lotion specializes in increasing the growth factors necessary to keep hair growing longer and healthier. Fragrance-free, non-alcoholic hair tonic. Safe to use for sensitive scalps. Hair once lost is very difficult to get back. One needs to start taking action in time to ensure that hair loss is controlled. With M1 Hair Care Lotion, you can stop worrying about hair fall and concentrate on keeping your precious hair. It is a breakthrough formulation which addresses hair fall and also stimulates hair growth.

Scalp Care Shampoo (Non-Silicon, Low pH Amino-acid Shampoo)

A gentle shampoo for sensitive scalps and hair containing cleansing amino acid type cleaning ingredients. Allows safe and gentle cleansing of the hair and keeps the scalp and hair healthy.


The Zakuro Series

The Zakuro Series

Developed through hair cell regeneration research to promote growth of healthy hair and to decrease loss of hair.

Zakuro Beauty Hair Oil

The supple of hair depends on your care. Premium oil will moisturize the hair. Non silicone · Preservative free · Alcohol free · Paraben free

Zakuro Beauty Hair Shampoo (Non-Silicon, Low pH Amino-acid Shampoo)

"Healing" feels every time you shampoo. Even wash up "pleasant" kindness of hot spring yeast.


The RG92 Series

The RG92 Series - Saravio

Developed through research into the medical effects of hot springs and alleviates pain, itchiness, and other skin related diseases through suppression of inflammatory conditions in both skin and hair.

RG92 Multi-active Lotionl

A synergistic blend of hot spring algae extract for to relieve your skin and body of inflammation, while moisturizing your skin cells with rich, hydrolyzed collagen and Chitosan.

RG92 All-in-one Gel

This All in One Gel has all the best ingredients contained in one bottle! Save your morning time with the All in One Gel! Silicon, Preservatives, Mineral Oil, Color Additive and Fragrance free! Can be used for sensitive skin starting from new born babies.