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Onsen Probiotics

The secret to the effects of Onsen

From the ancient times, hot springs have been famous for their healing effects for ailments such as rheumatism and neuralgia, and have been popular for the natural beauty enhancing effects. From an international relatable viewpoint, in ancient Roman times, hot spring mud was used to heal soldiers who were injured in battle (e.g: Mudbaths). Even at present, spa treatments in many parts of Europe allow the usage of the National Health Insurance to cover usage fees for people from all over the world who seek beauty and health treatment utilizing hot spring mud baths.

So why are hot springs effective for beauty and health?

Survey research has been carried out from various viewpoints to unveil the mechanisms behind the beauty and health effects, such as the the temperature of hot spring water or the substances in the hot spring mud, but until now, the secret behind the effects of hot springs have enveloped in mystery. 

So we, the Central Research Institute at SARABiO, considered that it was not only the water and mud in question that produced the effect, but also the microorganisms that lurk within the hot spring = "hot spring algae" that caused this effect. In order to prove this theory, we conducted extensive research into this theory utilizing the unlimited natural resources of Beppu City local hot springs.

Onsen probiotic research consists of the analysis of possible health benefits presented by microorganisms in onsens.


Onsen probiotic ingredients discovered

In recent years, "Algae" has attracted a lot of attention, such as Euglena, which is expected to become a major food and energy source, as well as Spirulina, which is expected to become the next major superfood. In addition to nutrition though, are you aware that there are algae that exist in hot springs have been found to have a surprising promoting effects on beauty AND health?

Here we will cover the effects of hot spring algae on beauty and health. This particular hot spring algae was discovered at a hotspring in Beppu in the Oita Prefecture, a prefecture renowned for hotsprings and has the world's largest number of hot spring sources. In addition, we will be introducing the latest topics related to treatment and prevention in various diseases through the usage of hot springs.

Onsen probiotic researchers at the SARABiO central research institute have to date discovered two unique probiotic specimens to date; Onsen Koubo (Onsen Yeast) and Onsen Sourui (Hot Spring Algae) which have outstanding results in relation to health benefits, particularly in the activation of skin and hair regeneration cells as well as the suppression of inflammatory conditions.

Onsen Koubo : For activation of skin and hair regeneration cells

  • About Onsen Koubo

Onsen Sourui : For suppression of inflammatory conditions

Onsen Sourui : For suppression of inflammatory conditions

Research direction

The goal of onsen probiotic research is to alleviate skin problems faced by humans and other animals through advanced, natural medical care without causing side-effects.