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M1 Hair Care Lotion (Hair Tonic) - Details

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M1 Hair Tonic Lotion specializes in increasing the growth factors necessary to keep hair growing longer and healthier. Fragrance-free, non-alcoholic hair tonic. Safe to use for sensitive scalps.

M1 Hair & Scalp treatment
 protects against scorching, heat damage and energizes your hair cells to ensure that your hair is consistently healthy. Breakage occurs when the hair shaft is being clamped too tightly or when it is brittle. M1 Haircare Lotion revitalizes your scalp skin cells.


M1 Hair & Scalp Care lotion is a mist type hair care lotion which is ordorless and alcohol free. Usage is possible throughout the day without having to worry about any sticky feeling.

Diffused in the form of a fine mist, this lotion offers enhanced hair care to treat thinning hair. Leads to beautiful silky hair and regulates your scalp to a better condition with continuous use.

Recommended for people who have:

・Thinning hair and hair loss
・Want to grow hair
・Have dandruff problems or scalp itchiness


Before-after images:

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Usage Instructions


It is recommended to give a simple massage to your scalp after 1 or 2 pushes of the M1 Hair Growth Mist Spray. It is most effective when used one time each in the morning and night.

For Daily Care

It can be used for fixing your hair, sunburns, or a treat after shampooing. It can be used as many times as you wish.

Before & After Hair Colouring

It is recommended to spray on your hair before and after dying. It will decrease damage to your hair.

Does not contain

Animal or human cells, artificial coloring, fragrances, preservatives, paraben, or alcohol.