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About us

Company Name

SARABiO Onsen Probiotic Lab

President and Representative Director

Takuya Hamada

Date Founded

July 20, 2006

Company Address

1356-6 Oaza- Tsurumi, Beppu-shi, Oita Prefecture, Japan


183 million yen

Number of Employees


“Beppu city is a famous Onsen (hot spring) resort location in the Oita prefecture(Kyushu, Japan) and is home to the headquarters of SARABiO Onsen Probiotic Lab.

The therapeutic effects of onsens have been realized in many different cases dating from ancient times. In terms of the number of onsen, types of onsens and quantity of onsen water produced by onsen,

We are proud to say that Beppu ranks No.1 in all three categories. Having been blessed with this amazing environment and location full of hot springs, we hope to able to contribute to society by utilizing the therapeutic effects of the onsens in the form of cosmetics and research for the betterment of society’s beauty and health. With that single bearing in mind, we have continued to develop our onsen research since the year 2006 and aim to combat diseases such as Rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis, atopic dermatitis and eczema through our onsen products.

One of the key components of our research is “hot spring alga”. It is small microbe algae hidden within the hot spring. We are convinced that this hot spring alga will be able to contribute greatly to the health and beauty discipline and therefore continue to perform research activities every day. By scientifically proving the effects of onsen on health and beauty, our team at SARABiO. will keep striving on in order to create and deliver safe and reliable products to families all over the world.”

About our Research

Hot spring therapy is occasionally utilized for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. As seen in thermal mud therapies, natural microorganisms, derived from traditional spa resorts, could be useful for the preventative strategy in alternative medical applications and contribute to the anti-inflammatory results observed through the usage of hot springs. The objective of our research was to find effective microalgae from prominent hot springs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Therefore, we explored the traditional Beppu spas in Japan, isolated microalgae, prepared algal extracts and examined their anti-inflammatory properties. Through this research, we discovered the novel RG92 algal strain may be a useful tool as an alternative medicine for skin and joint inflammatory disorders.

Species Discovered

A novel strain of green algae, Mucidosphaerium sp. (order, Chlorellales; family, Chlorellaceae), with phenomenal anti-inflammatory properties was discovered.

Medical Results

The present study showed that the novel Mucidosphaerium sp., derived from Beppu hot spring, suppresses inflammatory reactions in both cutaneous and articular cells, partly due to the antioxidative properties. The novel algal strain may be a useful tool as an alternative medicine for skin and joint inflammatory disorders

Patenting of the discovery

Title of Invention : Bio-Compounds and Cosmetic Compositions extracted from Algae organisms, Therapetuic Agent and Prevention of Inflammatory Disease, and Novel Micro-organisms. Patent No. #5676702 (January 9, 2015)

Research & Development Vision

The core principles behind onsen probiotic research and development projects are as follows:

  1. Must alleviate health related concerns: Alleviate health impacting issues such as alleviating of inflammation of skin, detoxification of cells, activating anti-aging cells, etc.
  2. Must be non-stress causing: Products must not caused damage to areas of skin and hair. Therefore only the most gentle ingredients must be used during development of any product.
  3. Must actively improve health condition: Must promote protective cell mechanics such as the barrier function of the skin, cell regenerative functions, increase energy distribution in mitochondria of regenerative cells, etc).