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The effects of the onsen ingredient, onsen algae RG92

The effects of the onsen ingredient, onsen algae RG92

Beppu city has 10 of the 11 hotspring types that have been found to be medically effective, and it has the world's largest number of hot spring sources (about 3,000) in the world.

We spent many daunting weeks investigating different forms of algae from innumerable microorganisms living in these sources. From these efforts and an astounding amount of verification, we discovered several new species of algae (confirmed through genetic analysis at the Shinshu University in the Nagano Prefecture.

Among the new species, the alga type having the highest levels of anti-inflammatory action was named "RG92" (a new Regeneration Gateway discovered during the 92nd analysis of hot spring algae for healing).

Astounding anti-aging effects & infinite possibilities of "hot spring algae RG92"

It was later revealed that the discovered hot spring ingredient, RG92, excels not only as highly anti-inflammatory ingredient, but also has high anti-aging effects which alleviates the damage caused by "oxidation" and "glycation".

In other words, RG92 promotes health and beauty (improvement of spots, wrinkles, sagging) effectively.

With the discovery of the new species of spa algae, its highly anti-inflammatory effects, and its development as a therapeutic agent for health have been recognized and awarded a patent in 2015.

In addition, we validated not only relief of pain (lower back pain, joint pain, rheumatism) but also atopic dermatitis, acne and itching improvement, and consecutively presented research on this subject at several medical scientific conferences.

On the 25th of March, 2015, we held an academic presentation at the 135th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Kobe, Japan). On this occasion, we presented our results of our research that verified that the hot spring ingredient, RG92, promoted healing and regenerative functions such as anti-inflammatory functions and the restoring of injured tissues.

The suppression of Arthritis, Alopecia and Skin trouble

For the investigation, the hot spring ingredient, RG92, was applied to a disease model of ArthritisDermatitis and a Glycation-induced alopecia type. The results concluded that the production of inflammatory factors such as TNF-α, IL-1β and extracellular matrix degrading enzymes were inhibited with the application of RG92.

Furthermore, the hot spring ingredient, RG9" was found to have effects of protecting cells from stress agents such as glycation and oxidation. In addition to this, we also confirmed that RG92 induced the increase in Cartilage Collagen, the moisture regulatory factor AQP11 and the longevity gene SIRT1 in fibroblasts.

What are fibroblasts?" 

A fibroblast is a type of cell that is responsible for making the extracellular matrix and collagen. Together, this extracellular matrix and collagen form the structural framework of tissues in animals and plays an important role in tissue repair. Fibroblasts are the main connective tissue cells present in the body.

The effect of RG92 on health and beauty (anti-inflammatory & anti-aging)

The hot spring ingredient, RG92, was found to act as a regulater in the above mechanisms (data below).

Suppression of arthritic pain, inflammation and cartilage degradation

RG92 extract suppresses factors involved in joint pain and inflammation and enhances joint function.