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I was uncertain when I was introduced by my friends to M - 1 when he said "your hair will start to grow again!". On my head, there were no hair pores around the center, and the water flows off easily. Therefore I had half given up hope on anything being possible. However, about a month and a half since I started using it, wrinkles began to appear on my scalp, and after that the hair pores were visible. From that point on I began to see hair growing slowly, but healthily! I can not forget the joy I felt at that time! Definite recommendation for hair growth!

Hori Kotaro VERIFIED BUYER: M1 Hair Care Lotion [Clinical]

I found out about this product from a I bought 2 bottles of M1 hair care lotion for my mother because she was suffering from hair-loss and nothing she was recommended by salons or dermatologists seemed to be working. [Positives] It took her about a two weeks to see results but it was amazing seeing her happy after seeing her worried about her hair. Definitely a recommendation for anyone with hair issues. There were no fragrances or alcohol which which was a big positive as my mother dislikes scents and has a sensitive scalp. 


この商品はサンプルで気に入り 購入しました。 ふくらはぎの怠さにはとても効きました! 腰痛はストレートバックの私には、痛みが取れたわけではありませんが 楽になった気はします。 あと、子供の汗疹や背中のニキビにはとても効果ありました。 安心して使える商品ですし満足しています。 

I purchased this product after using a sample that I received. It worked very well in relieving the dull feeling in my calf muscles and back pain. It was also very effective effect when used for my children's rash inflammation and the acne on the back. It is a product that you can use with confidence and I am satisfied.



Continuing usage of Saravio's lotion has made the condition of my skin so much better and you can count on me to continue usage to solve annoying skin troubles.

えみ (EMI)Verified buyer : RG92 Multi-active lotion